Fostering the growth of Snooker in Scotland through player enjoyment!

Welcome to the 2012/13 season.
SB&SA have a unique calendar of events for Snooker and Billiards players of all abilities. Using the amazing MySnookerStats scoring and analysis system, all competitors will have at their disposal a complete record and performance chart for each and every match that they play in SB&SA events.

Feel free to explore the many pages of information within the website by clicking on any of the category and sub-category hyperlinks. Over the coming weeks we will adding more new features and content to the site.
All players will eventually have their very own profile page which will hold photograph’s, records and achievements for each individual player. Another major innovation for the site (and a World first!) will be the provision of a “live” Bank Account page that will give everyone a detailed breakdown of all income and expenditure along with a current balance for the SB&SA bank account.
No more will members have to worry or concern themselves with the financial issues of their Association – it will all be 100% transparent for their perusal and understanding of their own Associations financial commitments.

Contact Us – Want to comment or pass your own ideas to SB&SA?
Then just click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, fill in the form and send us your comments.

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